BETHESDA, MD, Sep 17, 2016

Vitreon America™ Launches Botanicopeia™ Database and Federal Government Services at NIH Festival

BETHESDA, MD, September 17, 2016 − Vitreon America, Inc. participated this week in the National Institute of Health (NIH) Intramural Research Program’s 30th Annual NIH Research Festival which was held September 15-16, 2016 at the NIH Bethesda, Maryland campus.

The Festival included plenary sessions, symposia, exhibits, poster sessions and tours designed to encourage sharing and learning about the exciting research taking place on NIH campus.

Vitreon America was selected by the Technical Sales Association (TSA) which sponsors the Research Festival Exhibit, to launch its state-of-the-art Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical database subscription services, Botanicopeia.

Attending on behalf of Vitreon America
were Michael Megginson, VP of Business Development (left) and Jorgen Sandberg,
CEO (right).

Vitreon America was pleased to see the interest from the NIH Institutions to utilize the Botanicopeia database subscriptions with many NIH researchers expressing interest in considering the Vitreon America Botanical Research Analytic services as well to optimize the Botanicopeia database.

Based on the NIH researchers feedback, Vitreon America has established a Botanicopeia database subscription service agreement and subscription service with botanical research analytic services through Marshall Communications Corporation,

Vitreon America services are available through Marshall Communications Corporation (VOSB) on NIH's Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center's (NITAAC)- Government-wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) vehicle. [Prime Contract Holder #HHSN316201500063W]

Vitreon America was established with the goal of commercializing their Botanicopeia database and botanical research analytic services for development of botanicals and phytochemicals in the creation of new medicinal products by Vitreon America Clients.

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BALTIMORE, MD, Oct 03, 2016

Vitreon America Exhibits at Natural Products Expo East

Vitreon America™ was among 28,000 attendees and 1,450 exhibitors from all over the world gathered recently in Baltimore, Maryland for the Natural Products Expo East Conference from September 22 – 24, 2016.
This exhibition came on the heels of the recently completed NIH Festival Exhibit, where Vitreon America™ was selected by the Technical Sales Association (TSA) to launch the state-of-the-art Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical database subscription services, Botanicopeia™.
Vitreon America™ was well represented by CEO Jørgen Sandberg, Vice-President of Business Development Michael Megginson and VP Communication & Media David John Smith, joined by Chairman of the Board J. Randall Hoggle.
At Expo East, there were clear signs of the grassroots movement towards botanicals, with Vitreon America presenting the Botanicopeia™ to the wide range of companies with products and services represented at the event, from herbs, organics, health foods, supplements, cosmetics, vitamins, to traditional Tibetan, Chinese, and other medicines.
As Vitreon America™ continues to roll out the Botanicopeia™ globally, the next important event will be Health Ingredients Europe at the end of November in Frankfurt Germany, with the Natural Products Expo West on the horizon in Anaheim, California in March 2017.
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ROCKVILLE, MD, Jul 05, 2016

Vitreon America™ Will Exhibit at Natural Products Expo East

Vitreon America™ has announced that they will be exhibiting at the upcoming Natural Products Expo East, produced by New Hope Network, being held September 21-24 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Projected to host more than 1,300 exhibiting brands and 25,000 attendees, this sister event to Natural Products Expo West & Engredea is the industry’s second-largest conference and an important venue for established brands and young brands just getting their start.

Vitreon America™ will be among more than 400 new exhibitors this year, including several entrepreneurs launching innovative products in food, beverage, beauty and health. To accommodate this growth, the show is expanding the Hot Products Pavilion to Level 300 and Level 400. The popular Harvest Festival will return on September 21, featuring an array of products in a tabletop farmers market inspired setting that allows for sampling and networking.

“As a whole, the natural products industry is experiencing rapid growth of 9% per year, which has spurned increased interest in emerging brands and a rise in mergers and acquisitions. Expo East is one of the biggest events for spotting new trends and seeing brands in action. Walking the show floor attendees are surrounded products and companies poised for growth,” said Adam Andersen, Managing Director, New Hope Network.

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GHENT, BELGIUM, Jul 01, 2016

Photochemical Society of Europe Announces Upcoming Symposium

The Photochemical Society of Europe (PSE) recently announced plans for a symposium entitled “Plant Omics and Biotechnology for Human Health” to be held in Ghent, Belgium on November 21-24, 2016. Plant natural products have been used for decades as traditional remedies. They continue to be a rich source of chemically active scaffolds in modern medicine and contribute substantially to general human well-being.

Recently, plant-derived chemicals have been in the spotlight with the 2015 Nobel Prize in medicine being co-awarded to Youyou Tu, a pharmacologist at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing, for developing the antimalarial drug artemisinin in the late 1970s. Also, 2015 saw a boom in microbial strains engineered for highly complex multi-step pathways, including the creation of yeasts that churn out controversial opioids from sugar.

In the wake of these exciting advances, it is timely to discuss the most recent developments in the field through a meeting organized on behalf of the Phytochemical Society of Europe (PSE). The PSE originated as the Plant Phenolics Group in Cambridge, UK in 1957 and serves those with an interest in the chemistry and biochemistry of plants and in the applications of such knowledge in industry and agriculture.

Through the POBHH meeting the organizers wish to launch a platform to bring together European and International labs working on plant metabolites with nutraceutical and pharmaceutical properties that benefit human health. The meeting aims to provide a form to present the latest developments in the fields of functional genomics for plant metabolism, metabolic engineering in plants, synthetic biology for plant-derived chemicals, and challenges faced in plant omics and biotechnology.

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ROCKVILLE, MD, Jan 01, 2016

Vitreon America™ To Build New Botanical and Phytochemical Database Service

Vitreon America™ has begun the process of creating an up-to-date, detailed, flexible and robust database of Botanical and Phytochemical products. The use of plant-derived drugs has become widespread, so there is a great need to develop an up-to-date database of referenceable plant specific information about botanicals demonstrating medicinal value.

Vitreon America™ has analyzed the key growth areas in plant-derived drugs and has developed quantitative global assessments of each botanical and geospatial location of the natural growth and preferred growth environment of each plant to produce optimal output of desired “Actives”.

Despite global harmonization of regulatory compliance parameters, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, guidelines and review processes remains the global standard for the requirements for the botanical category of drugs. The FDA utilizes the Dr. Duke Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Database provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) as a constant referenced database despite the fact that the database has not been updated by the USDA Agricultural Research Services (ARS) since 1999.

Vitreon America went to the source, James A. Duke, PhD, and found that at his “own expense” Dr. Duke has maintained and updated this reference source using the same process and cross referencing documentation process since he retired from USDA ARS in 1995. Vitreon America has partnered with Dr. Duke and his company to reformat and upgrade his processes and build out enhanced cross-referencing capabilities and provide access to the resulting data as a service.

Roll-out of the subscription database service is expected during the summer of 2016. For more information, contact