Vitreon America Botanicopeia™

Prior to 1940s most of pharmaceuticals consisted of plant-based products, and this turning point in the worldwide pharmaceutical industry coincides with a willingness – even urgency – to look back upon plants in their natural essence as a basis for medicinal products. The use of

plant-derived drugs

has become more widespread, so there is a great need to develop an up-to-date base of referenceable plant specific information about botanicals demonstrating medicinal value.

Vitreon America™ went to the source, James A. Duke, PhD. Dr. Duke is an American botanist, known for his numerous publications on botanical medicine. He developed the Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases at the USDA. Since his retirement in 1995, Dr. Duke and his team of botanical experts and database managers have painstakingly built the largest series of databases on botanicals ever assembled in the World. Vitreon America™ has partnered with Dr. Duke and his company to reformat and upgrade his processes and buildout enhanced cross-referencing capabilities, enabling continuous updating, and to provide access to this new product as a service. We call this new database service the Vitreon America Botanicopeia™.

The Botanicopeia’s database includes 7,700+ entries with detailed information including:

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  • Common Names
  • Phytochemicals
  • Indications
  • Activities
  • Dosages
  • And More

The Botanicopeia is available on a subscription basis, with levels based on Subscriber Type, Number of Users, Number of Plants, Number of Queries:

  • Consumer Solutions
  • Academic Solutions
  • Commercial Solutions
  • Government Solutions

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In addition, analysts at Vitreon America can provide you or your organization with customized reports such as:

  • Quarterly updates
  • Potential alternative plant sourcing
  • Actives that could be developed for clinical research assessment
  • Botanicals and plant-derived drugs commercialized for a specific plant source

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